Key Initiatives

  • Driving local spend based on the best representative data to ensure the most efficient and economical allocation of local tax dollars. 
  • Promoting a culturally diverse and inclusive living environment for all residents.
  • Livable wages for city employees & first responders.
  • “Strategic” and sustainable growth through local sourcing efforts.
  • Ensuring future development does not outpace our city's aging infrastructure nor compromise the quality of living for Raleigh residents.
  • Capturing an economic framework that serves the best interests of all residents through small business development.
  • Public/private reinvestment strategies to revitalize and rebrand our city's infrastructure. 
  • Fiscally responsible capital improvement projects guided through  budget realignment efforts.
  • Municipal grant funding for minority owned small businesses to stimulate commercial activity and facilitate growth in new industries. 
  • Improving the competitive bidding process to engage local businesses in our diverse marketplace.
  • Affordable housing paced by infrastructure growth.
  • First time homebuyer assistance, homeowner rehabilitation, and rent to own programs.
  • Public safety outreach & criminal justice reform.
  • Commuter light rail, bike share, and accessible city transit systems.  
  • Safe, clean, and sustainable water services for all Raleigh residents.
  • State/local cooperative projects to reduce taxpayer spending.